Spirituality – What does that even mean?



Spirituality – What does that even mean?

As I’m sure you are already aware, spirituality has a broad spectrum of meanings making it difficult to definitively define. As we embark on our spiritual journeys and begin to come more and more aware of our connection to a higher power, you may find that you will begin to identify with being a spiritual being. So what then, is spirituality? Spirituality is the process of nurturing your awakened spirit based on a personal understanding of three simple questions:

1) What areas of my life do I find meaning?

2) In what ways do I feel connected (what source/Deity) ?

3) How should I incorporate this in my life?

Spirituality isn’t an alternative “belief” system as much as it is a conscious lifestyle based on the awareness that because of YOUR God Spirit, you are subsequently connected to ALL THINGS. Powerful!

The fact that you are reading this may be some form of conformation that you are exploring your personal spirituality or experiencing a spiritual awakening. The call to become more knowledgeable about whatever topic brought you here is a good sign that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. That’s a beautiful thing! What you do with the information you encounter, will be based on the answers to your 3 simple questions. The beautiful thing about spirituality is that it’s a personal relationship/connection with you and the source of life/energy, in which I refer to as God. For some, it may serve as an extension of something they believed prior to their awakening, and for others it may be their sole lifestyle of choice. Regardless of how you choose to acknowledge your spirituality, the common ground is the understanding that we are all still connected, and our words and actions towards one another ultimately affect our personal journey. I hope you are having a wonderful experience in your personal journey!  ❤

How do YOU define spirituality? In what ways has your understanding redefined your life? I would love to hear from you!




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