Mastering Consciousness: Living in the Moment


Mastering Consciousness: Living in the Moment


Live in the moment! We see or hear these words all the time, but how many of us are actually doing it? These words are not cliché.

Consciousness, as described in the dictionary is simplyI a state of awareness. Being awake. Seems simple enough, except most times we are fully distracted from what our conscious state is designed to do. That’s why we are equipped with a SUB-consciousI mind… to pick up all of the information that your conscious state missed.

Chances are, you have experienced enough of an awakening that you NOW understand consciousness as a state of TOTAL awakeness and the acknowledgement of your personal and divine connection with something greater. It’s the ability to transform subconscious thoughts through your conscious mind.

That being said, how do we manage to get all of the information in one place?  We do this by literally taking life one moment at a time. Being present in the moment is focusing on what is happening right now without having distracting thoughts about the moment. It’s working on a draining task fully focused on each aspect of the task.

This state of mind puts you into alignment to express your best work, which will ultimately pay off. This was a mindful and conscious decision not to be distracted by any unpleasantries associated with the task. Thus keeping you fully focused and engaged. This alone raises your vibrational frequency and helps keep you in alignment with what you may be trying to manifest.

Another example that’s good for parents is during dinnertime. It’s so easy to zone out during dinner because the kids are busy eating and you have an opportunity to mentally organize the remainder of the evening while you eat. To be conscious in that moment is to hear every word your kids are saying, responding, hearing every giggle, the silverware clanking on the plates, or seeing your toddler take a sip of juice and engaging in an “AHHHH” when he puts his cup down.

Once we learn to apply this in all aspects of life we eliminate more and more distractions thus allowing our conscious state to operate in the way it was intended. Your subconscious mind is now catching less and less missed and useless information and the things you would have done subconsciously, you are fully aware of. And the distractions no longer occupy energy within you. Your conscious and subconscious are now working together and this gives you an EXPANDED consciousness. Expanded Consciousness is what puts you in direct connection with the divine source.  You cannot fully and consistently connect with that higher source if you carry the interference of your distractions. And most times we are completely unaware that we are physically present, but mentally elsewhere. Your thoughts should only be engaged in the NOW!  You are feeling out of sync at times because you ARE. You are allowing too many things through the strainer of your conscious moments. You are missing important and subtle messages that would otherwise keep you in sync and provide direction. Instead, you are at work thinking about dinner and picking up the kids, the email you got from your child’s teacher…The list can be seemingly infinite.

When you feel out of sync, take a pause and acknowledge you are off balance. Take a moment and remind yourself to slow down and focus on the now. Realign yourself and regain your full conscious state. Make it your goal to remain connected to the highest vibrational frequency possible by staying in a state of expanded consciousness and watch things around you begin to align directly with your goals! 😊

Keep your vibes high!

Until next time,

Cal! ❤


2 thoughts on “Mastering Consciousness: Living in the Moment

  1. Hey Cal! That was a really good point you made about being present physically but somewhere else mentally. This is hard to change but once we become aware that we are doing it, we can absorb more enjoyment out of the moment! It’s important to stop and smell the roses!!! Great article!

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