Five of my Favorite Mindfulness Techniques to help Center my Mind and Spirit



Self-improvement or self-help tools come in many shapes and sizes; sometimes it’s physical in nature (a self-help book, having a massage, painting with water colors), or spiritual in nature (flower essences, Reiki, meditation which is both physical and spiritual, etc).

Prayer – Regardless of your religious background or beliefs, I believe it is important to spend time acknowledging and connecting with a higher power, which I personally call God/Spirit, or vibrational frequency. This is when I show my gratitude for what is and ask for guidance for what’s to come. This is my opportunity to unload negative emotions and reconcile the controllables vs. the uncontrollables and communicate my need for guidance.


Meditation techniques – Meditation is a physical and spiritual mindfulness tool proven to have several benefits in overall health and wellbeing.  Meditation requires you to take control of your thoughts by training your mind to turn them off. This opens room for you to receive the message for solutions to what you prayed about. With a clear and quiet mind, you will begin to hear the ideas that are in alignment with what you asked for in prayer. There are several meditation techniques that are all very effective. If you are not already incorporating meditation in your daily routine, you should consider finding a meditation meetup in your local area and attend a session. This will give you an opportunity to experience and learn how to meditate. Not much of a “groupie”? YouTube it! There are thousands of helpful resources from renowned practitioners that can help you learn how to meditate effectively. Here is a brief list of some of the many benefits of meditation:

  • Meditation reduces stress.
  • It improves concentration
  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  • The practice increases self-awareness
  • It increases happiness
  • Meditation increases acceptance
  • It slows aging.


Get Creative – Coloring or painting with water colors, pastels or oil paints is a wonderful way re-center your thoughts. Activities like these force you to focus on what you are doing and activates the creative part of your brain. This leads to a nice release of tension and negative energy. In fact, Mandala coloring books are very popular and highly recommended as an effective mindfulness tool. This is one of my favorite things to do when I am feeling anticipatory and antsy.

According to  Craig Sawchuk, a clinical psychologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Such approaches work “almost like a volume knob to turn down the sympathetic nervous system, the stress response.” Coloring can help slow down heart rate and respiration, loosen muscles and stimulate the brain, he says. Coloring has a “grounding effect” he says, a benefit that can be amplified with deliberate focus on the process — “the gentle pressing of the crayon or pencil on the page, the texture of the paper across your hand, and the soft sounds of the coloring instrument moving back and forth in a rhythmic fashion”.


Vibrational Essence – Part of ancient wisdom, vibrational essences are used in healing to assist with the removal of emotional blocks and patterns, as well as resolving issues from past lives. As we move through life and collect emotional imprints, we also create a reservoir of negative energy in within our body. Vibrational Essences are generally in liquid form and can also be used in creams, ointments and oils (I sometimes combine mine with an aromatherapy oil blend).  Vibrational substances are derived from light (sun, moon etc), healing energy (universal or spiritual energy, prana, Reiki etc), plants (flowers, stems, leaf etc), mineral (crystals, gold etc).

 Its important to understand that when we have an emotion there is a chemical and biological release of energy that tells our brain how to respond. That energy is either positively charged (negative) or negatively charged (positive). The elements in essences are natural, energy releasing, elements that trigger those energies and help to balance your energy. Bath and Body works has an amazing line of Vibrational Essences that they simply call Aromatherapy. The aroma of various fragrances trigger a vibrational response that your brain will identify and begin to tell your body to respond to the vibration the fragrance triggers.


Journal it – Journaling is such a healthy and peaceful outlet. Sometimes you just need to get your thoughts out of your head. This is a good way to connect with your emotions and release the energy associated with it. I try to journal daily, but when I am feeling a little off, I journal so I can see what exactly has me feeling how I feel. Find yourself a special journal/diary to write in; something special to write with (can be brightly colored inks or the more traditional black, blue or reds) and make a date with yourself to do some journal writing every morning at the same time (before rising out of bed). I’ve practiced journal writing as a self-help tool for many years and still find it one of the greatest personal growth and self-improvement tools around – and it costs nothing!

Personal growth and evolution is your birth right and ultimate destiny. Don’t settle for a you that is less than the BEST of you. Taking time to take care of your spirit is a vital part of growth. You are accepting accountability for your personal and emotional well-being. That is the first step to a more balanced you!

Be Well,

Calie Swint


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