Flow Like Water: The Path of Least Resistance



One of my favorite things my husband says is “life is LIVE!”. It’s so true. There are no do-overs for each day we get to live. But life comes hard and fast when day to day life requires so much just to operate comfortably. Every role that requires our attention has a different set of demands. A different set of fires to put out, deadlines, expectations, and consequences for falling short. There are so many things that we experience that’s out of our control that we want to control as much as we can, just to feel like we have a handle on things. Am I lying or is it the truth? Exhausting, to say the least. 

How can we better sort the controllables and uncontrollables? How do we reasonably simplify life? What I’ve learned is the less you resist accepting what’s happening the MORE productive our experience is. This means that when you are faced with a contrast in your day, instead of mulling over it, you immediately see it as a detour that still gets you to your destination, just without the traffic slow down. The path of least resistance doesn’t have congestion and hold ups. It’s like water, it just flows with no resistance or hesitation. Whatever water encounters, it moves around. Your position in this flow is to FLOAT. No matter how tight or wide the path, the flow will always take you to a more abundant flow. With all that being said, do you want to go against that flow or with it? Because life is a FLOW. It was flowing when you arrived.


Going against the grain of what IS, is essentially swimming upstream. So if you give up the resistance, you will FLOAT through your obstacles with faith in knowing the detour isn’t going to take you off your path. Taking the path of least resistance looks like facing disappointment and finding a way to smile because you understand this is a detour and you just avoided a hold up. It looks like taking a leap of faith instead of doubting yourself. It looks like taking personal accountability because no one else can do that for you and it’s holding you up. It looks like getting rid of some baggage so you CAN float. It looks like letting go of the control.


What is a circumstance you’re facing that could be a result of you resisting something? What could you modify about how you see the situation that would turn your boat downstream? Please share, I’d love to see your stories!


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